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2022 | Planetary Atoll: Connecting Latin American Dots

Co-curated with Paloma Oliveira and Sakrowski, Berlín 

Planetary Atoll: Connecting Latin American Dots is an exhibition dedicated to a set of net art works that were produced by artists from the region throughout the last three decades. Surrounded by bipolarities, we are trying to liberate ourselves from nationalist ideas while needing to address specific issues. Whereas Internet based projects promise to outreach a planetary public, they also reveal otherwise forgotten regional specific situations. The Internet has become a political dicomotical ground, but it is also the place where a connective tissue is formed. Rather than adopting a cartography shaped by an up and down model, this exhibition examines the gap between the local and the global and how that in-betweenness emerges in certain digital artworks. This exhibtion is part of the Magical Hackerism project by SAVVY Contemporary in collaboration with, funded by the Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa des Landes Berlin. The exhibition is taking place in the context of Berlin Art Week.

Artists: Brian Mackern, Giselle Beiguelman, Bruno Moreschi, Bernardo Fontes, Cristóbal Cea, Fabiola Larios, Gustavo Romano, Homeostasis Lab, Liliana Farber, NETescopio (MEIAC), Mari Nagem, Mariela Yeregui, Miyö Van Stenis, Molly Soda, Thiago Hersan.

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